Sunday, March 28, 2010

sorry its been a minute kids, BLOCKHEADS! HQ was without power for about 2 weeks, and i was finishing up my term at school, as well as spending some time with my special lady friend and the rents, relaxing in the splendiforous wilds that are the wisconsin country side, and then straight back to school and im still trying to find the groove again. The good news is that ive been working on some new stuff lately and its ready to move now, witha few new colors of some new designs coming through in a few days.

Ive been working on the idea for these posters for a while, and i think theyre going to be part of a series. i finally just put my nose to the grindstone and whipped the block for these out last week, and then tried a couple different printing methods, and i think ive got it down good now, so these are ready to move and im thinking between $20 and $30 bucks. id like to ask $30 cuz of the level of work and care that goes into each one, but i also like getting my stuff out there for others to enjoy, so if you really want one bad, contact me and we can talk. either way, they are approx. 14 x 30" and are cut and printed all by hand, just like each of my cards. each one will be signed by hand and most likely numbered, as im only planning on doing a small batch of this first run and then continuing on in the series.

brown and gold/kingfisher blue. the "CON-TIKI" posters will hopefully be available at quimbys this week, they usually only will take one or two, so if you want one get there soon, and check out all their other awesome posters while youre at it! they have tons! and buy some cards!

ive got two new card designs available now as well.

the "THUNDER" card was inspired by the movie RAD, as well as my friends' band from milwaukee, GET RAD. if you havent seen this movie or heard this band, youre fuckin up big time.

Heres the gold/royal purple.

in my last couple weeks ive spent more and more time at wilson skatepark, making new friends and acquaintances, and skating the pool like a mad man as much as i can. its been good sessions with solid dudes, and it inspired me, along with the poster i did previously for my friends band CURB, to do the "DEEP THOUGHTS" card. hangin out in the deep end sometime brings on some heavy thoughts and some heavy slams, so heres a toast to the good ones.

glitter purple/kingfisher blue

in further news, it looks like BLOCKHEADS! may be gracing Milwaukee's east side with its presence on April the 16th to sell some goods and drink some brewed goodness at a block party headed up by the lovely ladies and lads over at Brewing Grounds for Change, a rad little coffee spot on Farwell Ave, thats run by some good friends of mine. Ill be slinging cards and posters and shooting the shit, and maybe if you ask me nicely ill even take a step behind the espresso machine and sling some caffienated beverages your way. come hang out, it should be more than rad.

so coming up this week ill be printing some new colors of these new designs and posting one more card thats dedicated to the waning month of march, and features...