Wednesday, June 16, 2010

back in black

got the new black breath lp on clear vinyl the other day (i know shouldnt it be on black?) and ive also been kicking out the jams on new shit. i also have a show this friday with some illustrations and a lot of blockheads! stuff, so come out!!

unfortunately im now without a digi camera, so its back to kind if sad quality phone pics for now. but heres some of the new stuff...

"SPREAD THE LOVE" love is like jam. put it on your toast.

"LAUNCH RAMP" not really a cheeky name for this one. ill donate a dollar from every one sold to help chicago concretins build rogue skateboard shit. support.

"RIGHTEOUS PARTY" mini posters. 8 x 10" available at the show friday the 18th at 9 pm!!

went to the mountains in CO with my lady when i went out to visit last month. views are sweet from the tops of mountains. and i got to lay some love on my girl. rad life.

bought this with my tax returns. wins.

bring yourself.

also made some cards with bongs on them special for my trip to denver, and i have some left. so if youre into weed, or someone you know is, or you just think a greeting cards with a cute bong on it is funny, pick one up. and use responsibly. it doesnt solve problems for you, it just makes you forget about them til later when youre not stoned anymore. post pics soon.

until then, have fun and KEEP RIGHT!!

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  1. These are really solid. I definitely want to get a print of the launch ramp if you got any more left!