Friday, February 26, 2010

back to BUSINESS!!

Got some new cards done this week guys, as well as printed business cards to pass out to potentially interested parties, plus, dont hold your breath but i may be slinging cards through quimbys bookstore in wicker park, which is probably the coolest bookstore youve ever seen unless you havent seen it, in which case you should go. now.

heres the new "THANKS BUD!" card design that i just printed this week. i ran 5 color combos of this one and added a few colors to the other designs. silver/black, purple sparkle/lilac, and silver/plum shown. also made silver/navy and sparkle pink/blush (shown below).

heres the sparkle pink/blush cards for both the "THANKS BUD!" and "CAFFIENE LOVE" cards.

aaaaaannnd finally, heres the business cards i cut and print this week, the backside will just be the blog url and my name, so interested parties know who i am and where to find the goods. all these cards are made out of the scraps from the paper im currently using to print my cards, so my waste is greatly greatly reduced. i may start saving my little little scraps and blending them up and maing my own paper from scraps and selling recycled cards too. business card close up below!

hopefully i can get some photos of the OUTLAW ART SHOW i attended last week at the Blackstone Hotel. i know my pal Murphy shot some good stuff, so im just waiting on that. keep right!

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