Monday, February 8, 2010

Beverage series, skateboard thrash...

heres the last two beverage prints that came out of the initial series that i posted yesterday.

MARTY, pbr and permanent party patrol.

NOAH, ice cold brews give this kid the courage of 10 men. at least when hes on his skateboard. this was the print that inspired the series. it was the print that also got me back into linocutting.

heres the posters i did recently for milwaukee skate/party thrash band CURB for their winter tour that didnt happen. hopefully the "ditches and deepends tour" happens sometime in 2010, otherwise these will be an even funnier merch item for them.

pink on lilac

black/white on red

i made 56 of these bad boys in all different colors, and i kept 6 of my favorites or just good ones for presents and portfolio and gave CURB the other 50. these were kind of an experimental thing for me, to see if it was gonna be a feasible process for me to take part in. the scans got a little cut off because the 9 x 12 dimension is kind of subject to a little sway in all directions, and they are a little larger than the scan surface i have at my disposal, so sorry about that. im now offering linocut posters for whoever would like to commission me to do them, so if you have a band or a show or whatever you would like posters for, hit me up and we'll talk.

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