Saturday, February 13, 2010

we clean our ass with you...

so ive been working on some things the last few days. i felt wierd about having cards without some sort of a back graphic telling you who made them, so yesterday i cut a new back graphic block and fixed most of my cards up right!!

i also attended the 2nd friday art walk party at Anode Gallery in pilsen, and dropped of some cards for them to sell! just east of halsted on 18th! buy art now!

someone promtly spilled beer on them, and one of anode's interns, leland, who is a delightful young gentleman, was trying to remedy the situation as i snapped off this shot. im pretty sure that card on the left was trashed though, as these are printed with water-based ink. im trying to find a way to seal them without having to use oil-based inks, because i dont know about keeping turpentine or mineral spirits in my small little place. if anyone has any ideas, itd be much obliged. next time ill take some pictures of the actual art displayed there, because its off the chain! stop in and visit them!

so as previously suggested ive decided to start reviewing records on here as well as slinging handmade paper and ink goodies. not only so you can see what is inspiring me on a daily basis, but to get a little exposure out there for some bands as well.

first is SWEET COBRA's "FOREVER" lp, out on hawthorne street records. this is a local band from here in chicago, and ive known a few of the members for a couple years now, through skateboarding and music, and their last full length, "PRAISE" is fucking most excellent. This album did not disappoint musically, though it held a bit of a morose tone, as it was the last full album recorded with guitar player mat arluck, prior to him losing his battle with stomach cancer late last year.

this album is rad. thats it. sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes doomy, sometimes hardcore, sometimes in your face, and sometimes all around you, i have to say the last song on side a, "spider scraper" is possibly my favorite track on the album, after first listen. as they continue on, im pretty stoked to hear what they have coming out next. SWEET COBRA is always highly recommended!

i also picked up a few 7"s. the first one is a split from still holding on records, baring the musical teeth of CINDER and HIT ME BACK. i have to admit i bought this one on cover art alone, along with the $1.99 price tag, but this album is def worth the 2 bucks. CINDER has a "just-produced-enough" kind of youthcrew crossed with los crudos feel, maybe thats because one song is in spanish, but shit is good. HIT ME BACK is a little bit like minor threat meets the new youth crew explosion equal parts hardcore punk and mega crew parts. a slight bit less produced than the CINDER side, it definitely fits their sound and gives their songs the feeling and attitude they rightfully deserve.

lastly, i picked up H2O's "OLD SCHOOL RECESS" 7". this was the single record for FASTER THAN THE WORLD on epitaph records, released along with temperance rocords. these days kids may not be too into epitaph anymore, but you cant deny H2O. if they dont at least make you smile a little bit, i think youre a liar, or just heartless, and even heartless motherfuckers like H2O. the first track on this is "guilty by association" which is just classic, and "old school recess" caps off the b-side with straight up, fun, positive, stand out hardcore. always a good one.

in addition to the anode party, i went to see my friend helen maurene cooper open an exhibition of her photography at harold washington college the other night. Good stuff. a handfull of well executed and composed shots of immaculately painted fingernails. this shit was off the chain, way to go maurene. harold washington college, north side of lake, just west of wabash ave, 11th floor. ask at the information desk. heres one of my favorites.

and last but not least, i received a package this week from my friend adam in boulder!!! with stickers!!! which is rad, cuz if you know me, you know im a fiend for stickers.

one of these i won in a facebook guessing game of writers adam had done portraits of, for correctly identifying ayn rand (even though ive never read any ayn rand) a little well placed research and i came up with a right answer. and the rest of these are in trade for a couple of prints from BLOCKHEADS! print co.

"we clean our ass with you..."

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