Sunday, February 7, 2010

print crazy sunday!!!

heres what i did today, in between bike rides and cooking dinner and paying rent(late, whoops) ive got some pretty sweet color combos happening and two designs now, hopefully this week i can get my thank you cards going and get these finished. the dark colors will most likely be lined with a piece of vellum, so that you can write inside them without having to buy a gel pen or some sort of silver/white/gold stuff.

heres the silver on black and silver on plum. i have a few of each of these in each design, and like i said, they will come with vellum lining, so you can write inside with normal pens/markers. i think i will just tuck it in there though, incase you would like to use a gel pen to match the silver.

i also made the skate love - pink on rose and gunmetal/teal on mint
and i have both - black on lilac as well. hopefully i can get some more paper this week and throw some more out there for purchase.

ive already spoken to my friends at anode gallery in pilsen, and they will be selling some of my stuff shortly. i will also be sending out postcards soon to try and get a little advertising going, but i will also make the postcards available for purchase as well, to give a slightly cheaper and sleeker option.

if anyones interested in purchasing any of these right now, kick me an email at and we can work something out, as im still kind of figuring out my price structure. it will most likely fall somewhere near 4 bucks for greeting cards and 2 for postcards right now. i will eventually be making 5 packs of greeting cards and possibly packs of postcards available as well, with those prices coming as i review my cost.

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  1. I am debating how to represent the art for everybody that contributes. As I browse your blog I'm thinking that it would probably be nice to showcase your work as the photographs that you have up here. I just think it works well with printed illustration, because to me the printed piece is obviously the finished piece. A good picture would lend itself to a little promotion too.