Sunday, February 7, 2010


heres a look at the prints that inspired this whole thing. this series of beverage prints was given as presents this holiday season to some of my nearest and certainly dearest friends. each one is based off of their personality and our relationship, using a beverage i relate to us and our interaction.

DAN. coca cola and always the best of times.

KORBEE. nalgene bottles and long conversations keeping each other positive. or at least trying.

SARAH. tea tea and more tea, always making my life most radical.

SELF PORTRAIT. coffee on the go, always moving and wide awake.

this is just a few of them, theres a couple more i will post in a few days that havent been scanned yet. also the tour posters i did for my friends band CURB from my hometown of milwaukee, wisconsin. skateboard party thrash to melt your brain...stay tuned.

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